Hummingbird Feeder

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This decorative hummingbird feeder is the perfect addition to any home or business!
Keeping the feeder cool will help keep the nectar fresher and more appealing to hummingbirds and will also help prevent leakage, as heat will increase pressure in the feeder.
When the feeder is filled and inverted, it forms a vacuum. As nectar levels drop, the feeder will leak more easily. A full but not overflowing feeder has the most secure seal.
Keep the feeder full but not overfull
Hang the feeder in full shade.
Position the feeder to avoid accidental tips.
Keep the feeder away from walkways and avoid hanging in areas subject to strong breezes. An unbalanced feeder is more likely to leak.
Prepare nectar with 1 part refined white sugar and 4 parts water
Do not use red dye, artificial sweeteners, honey, or other forms of sugar such as raw or organic.

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