“My roommate and I have done 2 sessions, both with Austin, and have had so much fun each time. We’ll be going back again too! Austin is a great instructor and we learned a lot from him.”

Lisa R.

“We had our company Christmas party there this weekend. We rented the party loft and our whole crew had an amazing time. Filip was patient and made our party that much more fun. Everyone had a great time. Brought in food and drink and each got an opportunity to make an ornament of their choice. Best Christmas party ever!”

Patty B.

“Caleb was an excellent instructor! He showed us the basics and was there to help just at the right moment. It was a great experience!”

Dianne J.

“It was an amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyable!!! Austin is an exceptional artist and instructor, we had a blast!!! THANKS BOISE ART GLASS!!!”

Susie T.

“What a great experience! I have watched glass blowers, but this was so much fun trying it myself, and the instructor was very friendly and informative. The items I made turned out very impressive. I plan on going again.”

Joanne B.

“A cool experience! I got it for my son for his birthday and he loved creating his own cup. The instructor was fantastic and gave him all the attention he needed. He already wants to go back.”

Brenda E.

“Had a great time blowing glass for the first time. Caleb was awesome to work with and explained everything we were doing. Have been telling everyone about it and recommending that they go do it for themselves.”

Ron O.

“HIGHLY recommend taking a class here! Making reservations was a breeze and Caleb, the teacher, AMAZING!!!! Perfect date night!”

Jennifer M.

“Came here with the in laws while they were visiting from out of state and it was a really fun experience overall! We all have awesome glass souvenirs that we made ourselves. Filip was a great teacher!”

Brooklyn Whitton