Anyone 8 years or older may participate in any of our Furnace classes!

Items MUST be annealed overnight. They will not be ready until 3 pm the next business day. Shipping options are available if you are not able to pick your items up in person.

First Thursday

30-Minute Hotshop Class – $75 per student

First Thursday takes place from 4 – 9 pm on the First Thursday of each month! The event provides downtown visitors the opportunity to create their own unique glass art in our professional-grade studio.

Each month we offer a specialty item such as an oil candle, glow-in-the-dark pumpkin, hummingbird feeder or something entirely new. These items are not offered in our regular classes. Book online or call the gallery at (208) 345–1825 to schedule your appointment today!

Sand Ceremony

1-Hour Sand Ceremony Class – Priced by Package

In this class, couples will have the opportunity to create unique items with glass colors combined during their sand ceremony.

The couple may schedule a time to create two glass items under private instruction or select an item that our artists will handcraft using the ceremony sand. Please visit the Glass Sand Ceremony page for more information or to book your class today!