Filip Vogelpohl

“I have found my calling in the world of glass.”

With traditions that have remained the same for generations Filip designs with unrestrained imagination and crafts with meticulous artistry. Through the ancient manic of glassmaking Filip strives to capture the shapes, colors and essence of the world around us. Exclusively made, his glass creations are unique, each varied by its own distinctive nuances, each deserving a special place in your collection.

Austin Grill

Austin Grill is an artist born and raised in Ketchum, Idaho, who now resides in Boise, Idaho. Glassblowing immediately sparked his interest. His passion grew after his first Flameworking course at Boise Art Glass. After which, he spent his spare time learning and honing his craft while apprenticed under Filip Vogelpohl. Now, his experience and love for the medium allows him to share his passion by teaching classes within the community.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray grew up in Boise, Idaho, graduating from Bishop Kelly High School in 2006. In 2012 he received his Bachelors of Fine Art through Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. After graduation he spent time in New York City as an artisanal welder and artist. Moving back to Boise in 2017 he focused on personal work and co-founded AI Studios, a high end jewelry and fashion brand. Kevin’s work, through AI Studios, has been shown in Teen Vogue, GQ, and the MET Gala. His personal work, which varies from glass, metal smithing, and painting, has been showcased in galleries in New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles. His exposure and experience in the art world brings an added depth to Boise’s growing art scene and community. He’s been sharing his passion for art and glass with Boise Art Glass since 2018.

Natasha Benedetti

Natasha Benedetti was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Eagle, Idaho. She received her Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2019. After graduating she moved back to Boise, where she discovered her love for glass by taking a flameworking course at Boise Art Glass in 2021. She never anticipated the art form to be so captivating, but her newfound passion for this art fuels her desire to learn and share the medium with others.

Grayson Bailey

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Grayson Bailey is one of the newest emerging artists from the local scene. His artistic talents are spread across a wide variety of mediums, from 3D modeling, to spray-painting and even some music production. None however interest him more than the world of glass art. After dropping out of college to find his own way in life, he started taking flameworking classes at Boise Art Glass and was instantly mesmerized by the magic that is glass blowing. He has been apprenticing for over four years now and continues to develop his passion.

Caleb Feaster

Caleb Feaster was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and grew up in Boise, Idaho. He has always had a talent and interest for creating things by hand. His previous welding background allows him to put ideas into motion and he uses the same momentum on his journey in glass art. He enjoys the fluidity in glass and the opportunity that comes along with it using a new medium.


An exemplary artist, Hunter is responsible for so many of the delicate and sculptural pieces at Boise Art Glass. While working both in furnace and torch glassblowing, he can be primarily found working on the flame, creating everything from fun creatures to intricate memorial art pieces. And, as our own in-house plant guru, he keeps all the flora in our gallery happy and green!