Meet the Instructors

Filip Vogelpohl

“I have found my calling in the world of glass.”

Filip Vogelpohl, the owner of Boise Art Glass, was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and fled to the United States in 1987 as a refugee. He grew up in Boise, Idaho, and took numerous art classes throughout high school. After graduating, while traveling the Northwest, Filip visited Eugene, Oregon, where his instant attraction to glassblowing sparked. The first two years of flameworking involved extensive torch time and guidance. Filip continued to travel while taking classes all over the world. He studied with such greats as Robert Mickelson, Kevin O’Grady in Colorado, and Casare Toffolo in Murano, Italy.

Now, Filip works everyday blowing glass and teaching classes at Boise Art Glass. He has his glass art in galleries throughout the country and his custom ordered chandeliers can be found in many restaurants and homes.

Austin Grill

Austin Grill is an artist born and raised in Ketchum, Idaho, who now resides in Boise, Idaho.  Glassblowing immediately sparked his interest. His passion grew after his first Flameworking course at Boise Art Glass. After which, he spent his spare time learning and honing his craft while apprenticed under Filip Vogelpohl. Now, his experience and love for the medium allows him to share his passion by teaching classes within the community.

Caleb Goodwin

Caleb Goodwin was born in Wematchee, WA and was raised in the Spokane area. Inspired by the historic venitican glassblowers, he began working with the glass medium in 2000. Shortly after, he apprenticed with Sam Cannal of Sam I Am Glass. Glassblowing has since presented a satisfying challenge; the medium constantly provides endless opportunities to learn while embettering him as an artist. In 2016, he moved to Boise. Now a life long learner, he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to share the experience with first-time students.

Taran Wimer

Taran Wimer was born in Eureka, California and currently resides in Boise, Idaho. Specializing in flameworking, he first began blowing glass under Filip Vogelpohl at the age of 13. A naturally gifted artist, he appreciate’s the medium’s flexibility to allow him to create whatever comes to mind. As a Flameworking Instructor, he loves the excitement of teaching someone a new craft and seeing a student’s natural ability.